Why you need Vitamin A ?

To reproduce normally. Cells that are not properly differentiated are more likely to undergo precancerous. Vitamin A, by maintaining healthy cell membranes, helps prevent infections. It also stimulates immunity and is necessary for the formation of bone, protein and growth hormone. Beta-carotene, a substance from plants that can be converted into Vitamin A, also acts as an antioxidant. Other members of the carotene family include cryptoxanthin, alphacarotene, zeaxanthin, Lutein, and Lycopene, but most of all Vitamin A.

Conditions it may help with:

Vitamin A may be supportive in the case of Acne, Cataract, Sun tanning, Crohn’s disease, Macular degeneration, Night blindness, Photosensitivity, Urinary Tract Infections and more.

Beneficial For:

May help skin conditions such as acne
Helps protect against night blindness
Helps the body absorb and maintain a sun tan

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