Vitamin A Overdose Symptoms
Vitamin A Overdose Symptoms

Vitamin A – Overdose

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is primarily essential for normal vision and cell production in the body.

Overdose of certain vitamins can lead to toxicity, which can be severe. Many people are aware of the deficiency diseases caused due to lack of vitamin and are intimidated by it. Hence, they consume vitamin supplements or multivitamin tablets on a regular basis. Secondly, some people are advised by doctors to have vitamin supplements for a certain period to treat deficiency diseases. But, sometimes, people keep on consuming these supplements even after the deficiency is treated. Hence, the excess amount of vitamins in the body can result in overdose or toxicity. Overdose of fat-soluble vitamins gives rise to serious side effects as compared to water-soluble ones. This is because, the excess water-soluble vitamins get washed out from the body, as contrary to the fat soluble ones.

How much Vitamin A do I need in my diet?

The recommended daily intake of Vitamin A for adult men is around 2,333 IU (International Units) per day; for adult women, the recommended daily intake is 3,000 IU per day. Pregnant women should consume 2,566 IU per day since large amounts of vitamin A is associated with birth defects. Lactating women, on the other hand, need a slightly higher intake of 4,332 IU per day in order to make up for what is lost through breast milk.

The upper limit of vitamin A can vary depending on the sources of vitamin A consumed. See the toxicity section below for more details

Signs and Symptoms

Blurred vision
Menstrual irregularities
Skin rash
Joint pain



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